How We Work


Our Message

When people come to our groups or services, we let them know:

You can help others as well as yourself

Helping others can be a path toward wellbeing. Our members take leadership roles in running our groups and services and everyone plays a role in deciding how our services run.

You can live the life you want

People with mental health issues are no different from anyone else. This includes their ability to live the life they want. We provide just enough support to help someone take the next step to supporting themselves.

You are the one who makes the difference

The main agent of change in anyone’s life is always themselves. No-one can make someone else recover. We aim to create the right environment for people to find their own way toward wellbeing.

Our Values

We always strive to be:


  • We want everyone who comes to a BowHaven group or service to feel at home and make new friends.
  • We welcome people and encourage them to do the same for others.
  • We don’t discriminate or stigmatise people based on mental health diagnosis or any other factors.


  • We want everyone who comes to a BowHaven group or service to feel that they can express their creative side.
  • We work with people to find the answer themselves.


  • We ask people about their lives and listen to their responses.
  • We respect people’s knowledge about what works for them.
  • Based on this knowledge, we facilitate co-produced services that people want.
  • We involve people and help develop their confidence to become their own solutions.




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