Art+ events

Art+ Exhibition at Albion Health Centre

An exhibition of artwork created by members of BowHaven’s Art+ Group. 

November 2018 – January 2019

Opening event Wednesday 14th November 1pm

Albion Health Centre

333 Whitechapel rd


E1 1BU

In partnership with Albion Health Centre, BowHaven is pleased to announce ‘In a Different Light; Reframing mental health experience and well-being through Art’, a mental health awareness exhibition featuring artwork created by BowHaven members. The aim of this exhibition is to help raise awareness of mental health and promote creativity as an outlet for well-being and self-expression through art. We are very excited about this exhibition and see it as an excellent opportunity for initiating conversations around mental health experiences. The exhibition will also provide a platform for Art+ members to show their artwork, fostering a sense of confidence, achievement and well-being in their own mental health recovery.

BowHaven is a local, community based, mental health charity situated in the heart of Tower Hamlets, and a stone’s throw away from the famous Roman Road market. We have been running a successful Mental Health Well-being and Recovery Centre since 2003, and our way of working is completely person centred. This means that there is a high level of focus on choice, self-expression, support, opportunity, and positive ownership and responsibility. Our Art+ group is a weekly group for members to explore art and aid their mental health and well-being through creativity. An emphasis is placed on the individual journey and we respond to the needs of each artist by tapping into what inspires them, giving gentle encouragement, support and advice. Our focus is on the long-term journey to building an individual’s sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance through the skills of creative expression. Our group has approximately 20 regular members producing a diverse range of work.

Art created by those in mental health recovery literally paints a broader perspective of the subject and the journeys Art+ members have taken. Artwork on surgery walls also creates a positive and uplifting environment for all patients and staff. Along with the artwork the exhibition also includes testimonials written by members describing their experience of mental health, well-being and recovery.

Here’s a few words from Albion about the exhibition;

“We are excited to be working with BowHaven on this exhibition, Albion Health Centre has served the population of Whitechapel for more than 30 years and along with this year’s 70th anniversary of the NHS, there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate than through an exhibition of art inspired and created by members of our community”

We would like to use this opportunity to invite you to come along to the opening event on Wednesday 14th November at 1pm. Along with seeing the exhibition you can also meet BowHaven members, hear about their experiences and understand what mental health recovery means to them. 

Art+ Gallery Wall

Our Art+ Gallery wall was created as a platform for members to share their artwork and bring some much needed colour and vibrancy to the reception area. The wall is shared with the surgery next door and we are proud to know it inspires people who walk by. We have had many positive comments and have even had new members join because of seeing it. As well as it being creative and colourful it also helps paint a different picture of mental health recovery and well-being. The gallery is changed every quarter to reflect new work created and give members the ability to showcase their latest work.

Art+ Exhibition at Muxima August 2018

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition at Muxima cafe on Roman Road. Returning for our second exhibition there we are excited to work with the lovely team at Muxima again. See new artwork by Art+ members and support BowHaven. More information and updates coming soon…

National Gallery visit 6th June 2018

As part of our Art+ Group we believe it’s important to visit galleries and exhibitions. Learning more about art and culture is integral to the ethos of the group. This is both educational and inspirational for the artists. Being able to see and engage with wonderful works of art helps Art+ members to understand more their own artwork. Cultural integration and participation is another reason for such outings. For our visit to the National Gallery we had 11 members come along. We had such a good time we forgot and only took a few photos!

Tate Britain visit 16th December 2017

Bringing gallery visits into the Art+ group program was extremely important to us. Living in London we have so many wonderful galleries close to us but due to sociocultural, health or economic factors many BowHaven members haven’t visited them. This visit to the Tate Britain was our first gallery visit and we had eight members join us. We saw some fantastic artwork and Art+ members were very inspired and eager to get back to the studio to paint. We will hopefully do two or three gallery visits a year and our aim is to promote education and cultural engagement as well as giving members the opportunity to get together outside of BowHaven.

Art+ Exhibition at St Katharine's Precinct. October 2017

We would like to thank everyone who came to our exhibition opening, members and friends alike. It was a great success and such a wonderful day. We would also like to thank everyone who donated to our gofundme, you helped make this exhibition happen and your support is much appreciated by all at BowHaven. We would also like to thank Claire and the team at St Katharine’s, you are fantastic hosts and a huge benefit to the community. This exhibition is about raising awareness of mental health and giving members the opportunity to share their creativity with others and in the process raise their confidence through expression, art and community. 

Art+ Exhibition at Muxima June 2017.

BowHaven Art+ were kindly invited to exhibit work at Muxima cafe in Roman road. This collaboration was about making links between the community and as a way of raising awareness of mental health issues. We are very grateful to Issac and Bob at Muxima who gave us this opportunity and very happy to make new friends. This cross community engagement is very important. Thank you.