Cool To Believe

Welcome to BowHaven’s Cool To Believe group. We offer a friendly, safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which people can discuss their mental health issues. We particularly focus on the issues of paranoia and distressing beliefs. Many people hold beliefs not shared by others; Cool To Believe offers a place for those whose beliefs are threatening, distressing or getting in the way of them living the life they would like to live. 

In the group, beliefs are always recognised as true, valid and meaningful for that person, and the group also recognises that living with those beliefs can have painful consequences. These can include isolation, depression, and unhealthy coping mechanisms, which can all worsen the distress. Members have the chance to talk about those experiences and share support and possible solutions.

All members and facilitators have lived such experiences, and bring that understanding and empathy to the group. All contributions are welcomed; those struggling and who wish to express anger, despair or frustration; those doing well, who can share with the group what is working for them currently. Members receive and offer support, often within the same meeting.

Cool To Believe has been meeting weekly since March 2014. The current times are 1pm to 3pm each Wednesday. There are regulars and veterans, each and all friendly and welcoming to new members. We enjoy spending time in each other’s company, whether at the weekly meetings or the increasingly more frequent social outings, the latter often arranged with other groups at BowHaven. These have recently included a River Thames boat trip to Tate Britain, The London Eye, a guided tour of a local art gallery, The Nunnery, the Science Museum, and a number of meals at local restaurants. The members decide where to visit next and there is a growing wants-list.

External speakers and trainers are also invited to give presentations of interest to the members, on subjects as diverse as nutrition, benefits changes and mindfulness. As always, the group decides who to invite next.

At its core, Cool To Believe provides a place for people to drop the mask, say what they want and be heard. If you would like to join, please talk to the facilitator or a BowHaven staff member.

Description co-written by group members and staff