Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Group at BowHaven is for people at all stages of the writing process and takes place every Wednesday afternoon between 3.00pm – 5.00pm. 

Writing creatively is known to help reduce anxiety, release thoughts and allow creative expression.  

Some new members start from listening to poems and/or short stories and others start with mind maps. In the Creative Writing Group, you can express yourself in whatever writing style you choose, whether that is through song writing, short stories, poetry or some other avenue of your choice.  

For those brand new to writing we will begin from wherever you feel comfortable to start. Our friendly staff and members will discuss any questions or concerns you have about the writing group. 

We offer a friendly atmosphere and gentle encouragement to read, write and share in a non-judgemental group. Anyone is welcome to join us. You will be surprised at the creativity you have inside of you. 

Come along to uncover, discover and express through writing. 

Description co-written by group members and staff