The Handicrafts Group at BowHaven is open to all members and runs every Thursday morning between 10.15am – 1.15pm. 

The Handicrafts Group is very popular and consists of members with a range of abilities and skills who come together creatively to make a variety of crafts. New members are always welcome to join and if you lack any experience in handicrafts, don’t worry, our friendly staff and members will help you get started.

We make all kinds of things, whether they are items that have a practical use, or are purely decorative, getting involved in handicrafts helps build confidence and a greater sense of self worth. It gives people the chance to express themselves on many levels and there is a great social side to all the making, sewing, painting, sticking, gluing, glittering, beading and attaching!

Strong friendships have formed in the group and each new member is welcomed as part of the creative family. Members often share mental health experiences whilst they make items and this builds a supportive environment. 

The Handicrafts group often go on outings too. All of our outings are craft based and inclusive to all members.

If you’d like to join the Handicrafts Group, or would like to find out more, talk to a member of staff or come and join us on Thursday between 10am-1.15pm

Description co-written by group members and staff

Handicrafts Gallery

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