Melody Makers

Welcome to Melody Makers, BowHaven’s weekly music group. We meet every Tuesday between 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Our activities include singing, song writing and playing instruments, and there is a Musician who helps facilitate the running of the group as well. With a focus on raising spirits, confidence building, peer support and socialising, Melody Makers is a fun, dynamic, non-judgemental and creative group where any member, regardless of their musical ability or experiences can come and join in.

We will make you feel welcome and give you the support to get you started. Whether you like to sing, play an instrument or would like to learn how to, Melody Makers is the group for you.

Singing and making music together helps those experiencing mental health issues to better express themselves and feel part of a collaborative community, overcoming or better managing self-confidence issues, isolation and loneliness.

As well as having sing-a-longs and jamming sessions, the Melody Makers group have also composed, recorded and performed our own song which is now the official BowHaven soundtrack. We have performed the song live and also at the BowHaven Christmas party.

Melody Makers also goes on trips to see live music and the theatre. Our most recent outing was to see a performance of ‘We Will Rock You’ in the West End.

If you’d like to join Melody Makers, or would like to find out more, please feel free to speak to the group facilitator or a member of staff.

Description co-written by group members and staff