Welcome to Phoenix, BowHaven’s self-harm peer support group. We meet every Monday between 3.15 – 5.15pm. If you are interested in joining us, please talk to a BowHaven staff member.

Phoenix is a space for those who self-harm to discuss and share their experiences with others, all in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.

We understand that self-harm is unique to each person and can affect people in a myriad of ways. Any conversation about individual self-harm is encouraged, however, if you do not feel ready to share then don’t worry. We will give you as much time and space as you need.

All members of Phoenix have experience with self-harm and we will always do our best to make new members welcome.

We are non-judgemental, friendly and along with discussing and sharing experiences we also share coping strategies for living a happier and healthier life, incorporating approaches such as CBT. BowHaven staff are also on hand to assist anyone who is in a crisis and would like further support.

Each meeting is structured and facilitated by an experienced member and we start with a ‘check in’ to make sure everyone is ok and whether they’d like to discuss anything in particular.

As well as being able to discuss your experiences and hear the experiences of others, strong friendships are formed in Phoenix and a network of support has developed.

Pleased talk to a BowHaven staff member for more information about Phoenix.

Description co-written by group members and staff