Woman’s group

The Women’s Group runs on Tuesday mornings between 9.30am and 1.30pm. The group provides a safe environment where women are able to share common experiences, 

and support and learn from each other, through discussing specific issues which have adversely impacted on their mental health.  

Some examples could include post-natal depression, female health issues such as menopause symptoms, being victims of domestic violence and harassment, and gender discrimination and subjugation in the workplace and other settings.

The group empowers women by addressing the linguistic and language barriers that can be a major factor in isolating certain sections of the community, through in-house ESOL sessions and similar initiatives.  

The group also improves members’ mental health and well-being through activities such as pampering sessions, dance sessions and organising social outings in the local community. These activities also increase confidence and self-esteem as well. 

If you are a woman, are experiencing mental health issues, and would like the support of other women going through similar experiences, then give us a call or come into the centre to find out more. 

Description co-written by group members and staff